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The Expedition HERMES wants to inspire lives through the history of the expedition itself, as well as taking a healing method called FLOW Healing to the world, which was developed by Márcio Alexandre after many and many years of research in this area, and having as its objective to help in the physical and emotional healing of mankind.

About the FLOW Healing

The FLOW Healing is a model of healing meditation that any person can practice, whether it is super busy people or not.

Among the main benefits, there are the control and transformation of our emotions, release of the stress that favors the diseases, improvement over the sleeping problems, greater ability for concentration and productivity, more energy, more sensations of well-being, much more vitality for both personal and professional life.

It is also a meditation that can be used by professionals to improve and increase their performance in their careers and professions.

According to science, 90% of the diseases have emotional origin, that is, psychosomatic, and so the FLOW Healing serves as an additional aid for any health treatment that the person may be taking.

It is not necessary to change the conventional medical treatment in favor of the FLOW Healing: one needs to continue following the treatments that one is taking and add this healing meditation in a daily basis, to reach tremendous results between one to three months, approximately, at least considerable reduction of the symptons of the diseases.

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