Who is Márcio Alexandre?

Márcio Alexandre, born in Fortaleza City/Brazil, graduated in Law through the Federal University of Ceará, was a practicing lawyer for over 10 years, is a hyperpolyglot coach, cycleadventurer, entrepreneur, trainer in the Systemic Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), specialist in accelerated learning of languages, holistic therapist and speaks 8 languages.

Since his childhood he became very interested in the countries of the world. When he was a little kid, he received from his father an album with stickers in the shape of the flags of the world in one side and a worldmap on the other side and became really fascinated in discovering more of our planet.

He used to read a lot about the nations of the world in the geography books, and, before starting his graduation course at university, his interest in languages increased considerably and he began to study English through the conventional methods.

He graduated in Law and practiced it during many years in many different legal areas. As he already spoke English, he had many foreign clients. And in 2004, he really started to specialize in the area of human development, participating in the certification courses in NLP, coaching, among others, in Fortaleza, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

In 2007, he got to know some healing methods in Rio de Janeiro and so he deepened his studies in the field of emotions and of the physical and emotional healing.

In 2010, he went to Argentina to participate in another certification course in the healing field and soon after he joined a course for English teachers focusing an accelerated learning method, which he brought to his native Brazilian state, Ceará, and with which he has been working for over 5 years at many diverse groups, including big companies.

In the last couple of years, he has been applying in himself this accelerated learning system that he improved, which he calls the FLOW Method, in order to learn languages like Esperanto, Italian, German and even Russian.

Always a lover of nature, he is also an enthusiast of sports and physical activities as a whole such as trekking, weightlifting, cycling, running etc.

As an entrepreneur, he owns HyperVIX - Coaching & Languages, which is a company based in the city of Fortaleza and since 2006 it has been working with workshops, courses, lectures, consultancy in the area of the personal and professional development, holistic therapies, private sessions and sessions in groups of physical and emotional healing and of stress management and, besides that,  with the courses of accelerated learning focusing the English language using the FLOW Method.

As a holistic therapist, he has already done over 500 sessions of physical and emotional healing on many clients, both on individuals and on groups, with very satisfactory results, and with all this experience he developed the healing method called FLOW Healing to take to the world in many different languages.


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